Rippl is one of the first US-based companies attempting to disrupt disposables in the coffee industry. While only 3% of customers currently bring their own reusable drink ware, we see a future where our colorful stainless steel tumblers are a staple in coffee shops across the country.


Our insulated cups keep your drink hot or cold, and our mobile app rewards you for doing your part in saving the environment. With your help, we can lead the reuse revolution.




The continuing and spreading results of an event or action. The ripple effect is when something seemingly insignificant creates a wave which incrementally expands outwards, indirectly creating an altered state.

The choice to use a reusable coffee cup instead of a throwaway may seem insignificant, but the impact is substantial if done daily. When done together, the effect is astronomical. Join the movement. Be the ripple and collectively, we can make a wave.


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