Rippl’s mission is to bring transparency to the positive impact an individual can have by slightly altering their everyday choices. We gravitate towards disposables because of our fast-paced lifestyle. We live in a world where convenience is prioritized and consequences are overlooked. 

Even when you think you’re doing the right thing by throwing your cup into the bin marked, “recycling,” it is important to know a majority of those cups don't end up recycled. Instead, they take a thousand years to "break down" into smaller toxic bits of plastic. Those toxic chemicals are then ingested by animals, washed up on shorelines and placed on our dinner plates. This movement isn’t just about joining it, it’s about educating others on why it is important.

meet the founder

Sarah Ganzenmuller founded Ripplfect with the intention of it becoming more than a product or service一 she wanted to start a movement. Sarah is a 24-year old from Northshore, MA. Growing up on the beach she became accustomed to the trash littering the shoreline.

She felt it was about time we start recognizing we are part of something larger than ourselves. While it is true we need larger corporations and our governments to fully address the larger issues of climate - that doesn't mean that as individuals we can't make a difference and evoke positive change. 


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