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We guarantee we can increase your bottom line.

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We double as a loyalty program! Our rewards are specific to partnered coffee shops.

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Opportunity to cut down on transaction fees with bulk purchases.

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We keep track of everything for you; from the uses of the rippl to when someone earns a discount.

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We provide the infrastructure, software, and training needed for success.

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Free marketing to your target demographic- coffee lovers who live in the area! 

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You are doing your part to save the planet!

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Risk-free, we offer a 3 month free trial so if it doesn’t work, at least you tried!

we are gearing up for the reuse revolution

and need your help

have a favorite local cafe you think might be a good fit? know a sustainable brand that would be a good partner?

Thank you for submitting a cafe for consideration!

our partners

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with your help, we can lead the reuse revolution.

thanks for submitting!