When can I buy a Rippl reusable cup?

Rippl cups are available to purchase online and in select partner coffee shops!

When can I download the Rippl mobile app?

The Rippl mobile app is now available to download. It is available in both GooglePlay and the iOS app store.

How does Rippl work?

Rippl is a metal coffee tumbler and mobile application that together, incentivize the use of reusables in coffee shops. Once someone buys a Rippl, they can then download the mobile application, create a profile, and link their Rippl cup to their account. From there, the process is easy - simply use your reusable Rippl cup when purchasing coffee, photograph your cup while in the store, and you will be rewarded points that can get you discounted or free coffee at partnered locations. Check out our " About" and " Why" pages for more info!

What coffee shops currently offer discounts when you bring a reusable outside of the Rippl program?

Starbucks - $.10 discount Peet’s Coffee - $.10 discount Cafe Nero - $.10 discount Biggby Coffee - Get any size coffee for $1.49 Caribou Coffee- $.10 discount Dunkin’- Varies by location, but some do any size for $1.49 Einstein Bros. Bagels - Get any size coffee for $1.19 Gloria Jean’s- $.50 discount Philz Coffee: Bring in your own mug, and receive any size coffee (up to 24 oz.) for the price of a small beverage. PICR + Commune + Souffles - Bring in your own mug, and receive any size coffee (up to 24 oz.) for the price of a small beverage. Although it is impossible to list all of the local and national coffee shops here, most coffee shops offer discounts. Not many actively advertise these discounts though, so it never hurts to ask! Don't forget to use your reusable Rippl cup regardless of whether you'll get a discount or not- the planet will thank you!

What extra discounts or rewards will I get with Ripplfect?

Everytime you use your Rippl tumbler at our partner coffee shops, you accrue points that can be used to redeem a free coffee! Rewards will be determined by the individual coffee shops, and may vary.

Can I use my reusable cup at every coffee shop?

Although not all coffee shops offer a discount for bringing your own drinkware, as long as your cup is clean and you have taken off the lid, most coffee shops will accept your reusable cup.

Where are the tumblers manufactured?

The Ripplfect tumblers are designed in Newburyport, MA and manufactured in China. It turns out, China is the main manufacturer for stainless steel products, and one of the only places to source stainless steel tumblers (we tried sourcing a US based manufacturer but there were none.) We landed on stainless steel because in addition to its temperature retaining qualities, it is one of the only materials that is 100% recyclable and never degrades over its lifecycles (in fact most stainless steel objects are made from 60% recycled content.) In addition, production of stainless steel has very minimal CO2 emissions. In an effort to minimize any carbon footprint, all Rippl tumblers are transported via sea freight instead of air freight, since it is the most sustainable shipping method. If you have any questions please reach out to Sarah@theripplfect.com

Who are our cafe partners?

Rippl is currently partnered with Souffles in Newburyport, Beantrust Coffee Bar in Beverly, and Groundswell in Salisbury.

Still have questions? Email us at sarah@theripplfect.com!