10 Sustainable Swaps for the Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

When it comes to shopping for bathroom and hygiene products, you would be pretty hard pressed to find any that aren’t supplied in single-use plastic containers in your typical department store. For many out there, the stacks of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles that line their baths and showers is just the norm. But what ends up happening to all those plastic containers? Some get recycled, but most end up going into landfill and finding their way into our oceans.

Below we’ve put together a list of our absolute favorite eco-friendly bathroom products you can buy today to transform your bathroom into a plastic free paradise!

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Bamboo Toothbrush

When you realize that every plastic toothbrush every made is still in existence, it motivates you to find a more sustainable option. Although many bamboo toothbrushes still have nylon bristles, the amount of plastic doesn’t compare to that of an entirely-plastic toothbrush. These ones from Amazon priced comparably to plastic ones, while being more ecologically friendly.

Natural Toothpaste

Did you know: toothpaste tubes aren't recyclable? (Learn more about what is & isn't recyclable in our blog post!)Dry toothpaste like that produced by Naked, may seem off-putting at first, however, it reduces your trash waste in the bathroom. These toothpaste tablets come in fully recyclable packaging, so when you finish what's in the pouch, you can toss the waste in the recycling.

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Solid Shampoo + Conditioner

Although finding shampoo & conditioner in recyclable packaging is becoming slightly easier, why not reduce the plastic waste all together, with solid shampoo and conditioner bars. These from Lush come in dozens of scents, with different formulas depending on your hair type.

Sea Sponge

Toss your bacteria-laden loofah and swap it with an all-natural exfoliator: a sea sponge! Be sure to find ones that are sustainably harvested, and you have yourself a plastic-free loofah alternative!

Bars of Soap

With most soaps in liquid form coming in plastic bottles, replacing your liquid washes with a solid bar of soap can drastically reduce the plastic waste in your bathroom. The bars of castille soap from Dr. Bronners are gentle on the skin and face, yet effective.

Bamboo TP

It may sound odd, but give it a try! This bamboo toilet paper is not only sustainably manufactured (this company is B Corp Certified!), but half of the procedes from the products sold go to creating sanitary toilets for those in need! At just under $1 per roll (just a few cents more than the average roll), why not give Who Gives A Crap a try?

Wooden Brush / Comb

Most hairbrushes & combs are unfortunately made of plastic. The end result will be the same but you can feel better knowing you aren't contributing to the plastic problem!

Cloth Facial Pads

Makeup wipes and cotton pads are huge sources of unnecessary waste. By using reusable facial pads, you can save money and reduce your waste! These ones from The Sisters Herbal are handmade in Maine!

Natural Cleaning Products

Cleaning products can have some nasty ingredients. Thankfully, Mrs. Meyers gives a wide range of fragrance, while having an impressive product line!

Natural Deodorant

With hundreds of brands selling "all-natural", "organic" deodorants these days, it can take some trial and error to find one that actually works for you. I first purchased Native deodorant about five months ago, and it feels and works the same as any other unnatural deodorant. Native provides dozens of fragrances, all of which are 100% aluminum free!

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