What Makes Rippl Unique?

We know there are plenty of reusable products on the market. Between reusable bags, water bottles, and more, the reusable products industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars (and growing each year). And although on the surface Rippl may just look like another company selling stylish reusable coffee tumblers, we're so much more than that.

The Rippl Effect Backstory

This past June, Rippl founder, Sarah, had just finished her morning coffee on her way to work and was looking for a trash can when she got a sudden pang of guilt. Since she was little, her mother had instilled a “waste not, want not” mentality that echoes in the back of her head still to this day. It is because of her that Sarah developed a deep appreciation for our environment. Growing up on the North Shore of Massachusetts, Sarah spent most summer days on the water, and developed a love, in particular, for our oceans.

Guilt-ridden, she saw the trash was already filled to the brim with plastic and paper coffee cups and wondered how many would end up floating out to sea. She peeked into three more trash cans she passed to find the same thing. Disappointed at the thought that she was adding to the excessive waste, she immediately started doing research and was horrified by what she found.

She found that over 50 billion coffee cups are being thrown away in the U.S. every year. Even if you place your single-use cup in a recycling bin, the chances of it actually getting recycled is slim (check out our blog post all about recycling here). Now, companies are developing various "biodegradable plastics", which they believe can solve the plastic problem. However, whether these plastic products are plant-based or petroleum based, conditions have to be ideal in order for the plastic to break down, and even then, the "biodegradable" plastic can take hundreds of years to disintegrate.

In addition to limited environmental benefits, these products are more expensive than regular plastic, making it a difficult and cost-prohibitive transition for most local coffee shops to utilize. With a growing understanding that recycling and plastic alternatives are not working, emerging social groups have been advocating reusables as the most eco-friendly solution.

Perhaps the most shocking discovery Sarah made throughout this research was that almost all coffee shops allow you to bring your own cup. In fact, most national and local coffee shops encourage it, and incentivize customers with discounts, due to the fact that it saves them money on material costs. However, despite the practice of bringing your own cup being widely accepted nationwide, only a small percent of people know about it, and even fewer actually take advantage of this.

Sarah realized if there was a way she could address these unnecessary costs with a reusable cup program, she could increase the coffee shop's margins and have plenty of room to work with promotions and rewards for consumers.

Sarah describes the feeling she had the moment she came up with the idea that would one day become Rippl as "...a combination of fireworks and nervous butterflies" She has always been interested in entrepreneurship and finally she'd had come up with an idea that would have a positive impact on the environment, a cause she cares so deeply about.

More Than a Reusable Coffee Cup

Rippl is so much more than just a brand selling some reusable coffee cups — and that's where we're different from the others.

Right now, only 3% of coffee consumers bring their own reusable drinkware to coffee shops, but we see a future where our colorful stainless steel coffee cups are a staple in coffee shops across the nation. When you purchase a Rippl reusable cup (more info about our product launch can be found here), you are becoming a part of the solution to the plastic problem.

After purchasing a Rippl cup, you can download the Rippl mobile app (more info about our mobile app launch can be found here) and create a profile. Your cup will come with a unique product code, so you can register your cup through the app.

After you register your cup, the rest is simple!

1) Bring your Rippl reusable cup with you when you go to get a coffee.

2) When you're still in the coffee shop, you will receive a prompt to take a photo of your coffee.

It's as simple as that!

The Nitty Gritty

The points you accrue through consistent use of your Rippl reusable cup and the Rippl mobile app, will go towards a free coffee at that same partnered location. Different from loyalty programs currently offered at local coffee shops, rather than buying 9 drinks to get 1 free, customers who use their Rippl reusable cup will receive a free coffee after purchasing only 5!

Through the use of stainless steel reusable Rippl cups and the use of the Rippl mobile app, coffee lovers will be equipped with the product and technology that aligns their values with their choices.


We can't wait for the launch of both our Rippl reusable cups and our mobile app (for additional updates follow us on Instagram)! In the meantime, we hope you learned a bit more about our brand mission, and how we're different from the others.

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